Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (100 pcs)

MIELE Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (100 pcs)

MIELE Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (100 pcs)

Suitable for Miele coffee and espresso machines of the 5000 series. For daily hygienic cleaning of the milking system. It works by breaking down the milk protein, removing fats and residues which harm the machine.

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ECCELLENTE Milk System Cleaner (250 ml)

Eccellente Milk System Cleaner is a powerful milk cleaner that cleans all parts that come in contact with milk. Suitable for all coffee- and espresso machines. It works by breaking down the milk protein, removing fats and residues.

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Product information

100 Miele espresso machine milk cleaning system
Good for cleaning 100 times.

For best results in your Miele appliances, we recommend using genuine Miele cleaners to maintenance. The perfect alignment with the software and materials in your Miele appliance ensures that the optimal result is achieved without inflicting damage to your valuable equipment.

There are two cleaning options:
– You can remove the integrated cappuccinatore, disassemble and clean in the dishwasher or manually with hot water and detergent.
– You can clean the milking system with its maintenance program CLEAN MILK SYSTEM in combination with the Miele cleaning agent for milk ducts.

The coffee machine will indicate when you should clean the milk system.

Remove and clean the Miele milk system
Clean the milk system in the dishwasher or by hand with hot water and detergent. For thorough cleaning, you must disassembled all the parts before placing them in the dishwasher.
1) Pull the spouts all the way down.
2) Remove the cover toward the front.
3) Pull the integrated cappuccinatore from the holder.
4) Remove the integrated cappuccino. Clean all parts thoroughly.
If the milk hose is clogged, clean it with the supplied cleaning brush under running water.
Insert the brush in the milk hose. Move the brush back and forth, until there are no milk residues left in the hose.

Re-assemble the Miele cappuccinatore:
6) Put the parts of the cappuccinatore back together.
7) Slide the integrated cappuccinatore in the container for the spouts. The outflow element should sit tightly on the bottom.

Miele milk system with detergent for cleaning milk lines
The cleaning powder for the milk system is specially developed for the Miele coffee and espresso machine.
The display will show MAKE YOUR CHOICE.
1) Put a suitable container under the spouts.
2) Put the Miele Milk system cleaning powder in a jar with 150 ml of lukewarm water. Set the jar next to the machine.
3) Press the OK button until the display shows MENU.
4) Using the rotary selector, select: SERVICE. Press the OK button.
5) Select CLEAN MILK SYSTEM and press the OK button.
6) Select START and press the OK button.
7) Place the milk hose into the jug if instructed to do so. Make sure the hose is placed deep enough into the cleaning solution.
8) Follow the further instructions on the display.
9) If the display shows FINISHED, press the OK button.

Suitable for: Miele CVA 6805, CVA 6800, CVA 6405, CVA 6401, CVA 6431, CM 7500, CM 7300, CM 6310, CM 6110, CM 5100

Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (100 pcs)
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Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (100 pcs)

Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (100 pcs)

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