JURA Water Filter Claris PRO Blue

JURA Water Filter Claris PRO Blue

Original Jura water filter – Claris PRO Blue. Using a Jura Claris PRO Blue filter guarantees freshly filtered and great tasting water for your coffee at any moment. No more limescale. Longer lifespan of your valuable Jura machine. Freshly filtered water.
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Product Information

1 Jura Claris Pro Blue water filter cartridge.
Filters 300 litres water.

The Jura Claris Pro Blue cartridge has been specially developed for Jura Professional espresso machines. This water filter cartridge is coffee neutral and is placed directly in the water reservoir. With this you achieve three important advantages: The guarantee that the coffee water is freshly filtered immediately before use. Secondly, freshly filtered water and unadulterated aromas ensure the ultimate taste experience. Finally, protection and a longer lifespan of your valuable espresso machine.

The Jura Claris Pro Blue is hard against limescale but soft for your espresso machine. You hardly need to descale anymore if you use this filter cartridge.

The Claris Pro Blue filter cartridge fits all JURA machines where the filter holder in the water reservoir is BLUE.

The Jura Claris Pro Blue Water Filter Cartridge is ideal for the following Jura Professional espresso machines: IMPRESSA XJ series (XJ9) and the GIGA X3 / X7 / X9
The other Jura Professional espresso machines use the Jura Claris Pro Smart Water filter cartridge.

Using the Jura Claris Pro Blue filter cartridge is simple. A description can be found in chapter 2 of your Jura espresso machine view. »Dismantling and putting into operation - Installing and activating the filter«.

Claris Pro Blue works according to the professional flow-through principle and is distinguished by a comparable filter capacity of up to 300 litres. This saves you time and money since the filter needs to be replaced less often. However, the filter quality is retained.

To prevent the notification for the filter from being executed, no use is made of Claris Pro Blue. This adjustment may be directed by authorized Jura service partners.

Name Water Filter Claris PRO Blue
Brand JURA
Article code 71702
SKU E-0605
EAN 7610917717026
Safety Sheet https://issuu.com/everlake/docs/sdb_claris-blue-pro
Previous product numbers E-0464 - E0464 - 71702
Condition New
5 stars based on 3 reviews

Genuine Jura branded filter, at a great price.

Door David op 08-02-2022

Kira cleaning tablets - Great product excellent service thank you

Door R op 23-01-2019

Good Quality Product - Does what is says on the tin. Good high quality product as you would expect from Jura. Dealing with Descaler was very easy and I would recommend them

Door Lortay op 06-04-2018