ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Descaler for DeLonghi

ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Descaler for DeLonghi

Do you suffer from limescale in your DeLonghi espresso machine? Or does your coffee no longer taste good? Then it's time to descale with Eccellente Coffee Machine Descaler! Avoid problems - descale regularly!
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

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500ml Organic descaler based on lactic acid, for 5x descaling.
Excellent Eccellente alternative for DeLonghi EcoDecalk DLSC500 | SER3018.



Are you already getting the message to descale your DeLonghi coffee machine? Don't wait too long! Descale your DeLonghi quickly and easily with this organic descaler from Eccellente.

Limescale adheres to the pipes and heating element of your coffee machine. As a result, you need more power to get the water up to temperature. Your coffee machine also produces a poorer crema when full of limescale. So plenty of reasons to descale your beautiful DeLonghi coffee machine regularly.

This Eccellente descaler has been specially developed for DeLonghi. On the same basis as DeLonghi descaler, at least as fast, simple and effective. Only better for your wallet!



Step 1. Pour 100 ml Eccellente Quick Bio Descaler and 700 ml tap water (1:7) in the water reservoir of your coffee machine.
Step 2. Turn the coffee machine on and let a quarter of the descaling solution flow through.
Step 3. Then let the descaler have a 5 to 10 minutes activation period. Repeat this procedure till the water tank is empty.
Step 4. Clean the water reservoir thoroughly and rinse the coffee machine with a lot of water.



This organic descaler from Eccellente based on lactic acid is a natural product. As a result, the colour of the descaler may vary.

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