DURGOL Swiss Espresso (2 x 125 ml)

DURGOL Swiss Espresso (2 x 125 ml)

Very powerful descaler for all coffee machines. Quick and easy to use. Guarantees effortless and fast descaling.
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Two 125 ml bottles Durgol Swiss Espresso descaler.
Descale twice with this pack.

Durgol® swiss espresso® is a special descaler for high-quality coffee machines of all brands of both fully and semi-automatic coffee machines, piston machines and machines with coffee pod or capsule systems.

The coffee machine will be food-safe, with no residue left behind after rinsing. This product is what your coffee machine has been asking for – it will work better and have an extended life.


1) Add one bottle (125 ml) of Durgol® swiss espresso® to the water tank.
2) Add another 250–375 ml of clean water to the tank.
3) Start the coffee machine’s descaling procedure.
4) Rinse the machine after descaling with clean water.

The Durgol descaler does not clean dirt and coffee grease from the machine. We recommend that you use Eccellente Cleaning Tablets for that.

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5 stars based on 8 reviews

My machine is 22 years old and I thought it was a goner. It would not work. I bought this, product, ran it through my machine,a Starbucks Barista, nothing fancy and hey presto, my machine works again. I am so happy.

Door Vivienne op 18-01-2024

Always works well on my Lavazza machine and cheaper to buy the smaller twin pack than Lavazza's own brand which is expensive.

Door WILLIAM op 03-07-2023

After leaving my coffee machine for ages without descaling I definitely noticed the difference after using it. I will definitely use this product again in the future.

Door Daniel op 09-11-2022

Tatar - Very good and quick services! Thank you!

Door Claudiu op 24-07-2019

Works a treat on Nescafe Dolce Gusto - Cheaper than Amazon & works perfectly, will order here again for sure.

Door Lorna op 20-03-2019

Quality product - Very good item, works perfectly, thanks

Door CCD op 01-02-2019

the best descaler - This is the best descaler Ihave ever used. I strongly recommend

Door sylwia op 06-06-2016

Durgol is the best - This is the best descaler Ihave ever used. I strongly recommend it

Door sylvia op 06-06-2016