ECCELLENTE Max Plus Cartridges 3+1 Pack

ECCELLENTE Max Plus Cartridges 3+1 Pack

The Eccellente Max+ filter cartridges reduces limescale and other taste-impairing substances. Reduces chlorine, limescale and other organic contaminants for a delicious natural taste. One box contains 4 filters for 16 weeks of fresh filtered water.
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information


4 Eccellente Max+ Filter cartridges.
For 16 weeks of freshly filtered water.



The Eccellente Max+ filter cartridge has an unique 4 step filtration system. This unique filtration system will reduce most of the organic contaminants and metals. It reduces limescale build-up and is eco-friendly. The filter cartridge will turn tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered water.

Filtered water by the Eccellente water filter cartridges will make everything that is prepared with water more enjoyable. The water releases the full potential of good tasting water. Your coffee, tea and espresso have more flavour and aroma than ever before. In addition, the filter cartridge is an ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water. If you drink for example, 2 litres of water everyday out of PET bottles, switching to the Eccellente Max+ cartridges helps you reducing the waste by 15 kilograms each year. You will also reduce the CO2 emissions by 134,7 kilograms each year. So drinking from a Eccellente Max+ filter cartridge is both ecological and economical.



The filter cartridges are easily insertable and removeable with the simple click function. The filter cartridges need the be replaced every four weeks or if you drink more than 100 litres of water within 4 weeks. 



Suitable for all Brita water jugs (Style, Fun, Marella, Flow, Elemaris, Liquelli, Navelia and Aluna)

Also suitable for the next espresso machines:
- Siemens EQ 7
- Saeco Xelsis
- Bosch Tassimo
- Philips Senseo Twist
- Bosch Filtrino
- Russell Hobbs Clarity

Eccellente Max+ water filters are suitable as replacements for Brita Maxtra water filters.

Name Max Plus Cartridges 3+1 Pack
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Max Plus Cartridges 3+1 Pack
Max Plus Cartridges 3+1 Pack
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