SAGE Breville ClaroSwiss Water Filter

SAGE Breville ClaroSwiss Water Filter

Breville water filter Claro Swiss BES008Improve the quality of the coffee with softer and cleaner water. Better tasting coffee for Sage coffee machinesSuitable for Solis type 1011, 115, 117 en 118Suitable for Sage and Breville.
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1 Breville ClaroSwiss water filter.
Filters the water of the Breville machine for 3 months.



The Breville / Sage BES008 water filter provides an enhanced flavour to make the best possible cup, ensuring a perfect coffee experience. It also increases the durability of your coffee and espresso machine by protecting it from the harmful effects of limescale. Using the water filter reduces the presence of pollutants such as chlorine, lead and copper.

This Sage ClaroSwiss Water Filter is suitable for the following espresso machines:

the Oracle™ Touch (SES990 - BES990)
the Oracle™ (SES980 - BES980)
the Bambino® Plus (BES500)
the Barista Pro™ (SES878 - BES878)
the Barista Express™ (SES875 - BES875)
the Barista Touch™ (SES880 - SES800 - BES880 - BES800)
the Barista Touch Impress™ (SES881 - BES881)
the Dual Boiler™ (BES920)
the Duo-Temp™ Pro (BES810) 
the Precision Brewer (BDC400/SDC400 BDC450/SDC450).



Step 1. Remove the water reservoir of the coffee machine, discard any water in there and check if the reservoir is clean.
Step 2. Place the Sage Claroswiss water filter in the reservoir.  
Step 3. Fill the water reservoir with clean tap water and place it back in the machine.
Step 4. Flush through the coffee machine and discard the water.

Watch this Youtube instruction video how to montage the filter if it does not fit (dutch video).



If you live in a hard-water area, then using a water filter is highly recommended. You will prevent the damage that can be caused by limescale and have better-tasting coffee.

Claroswiss / Claro Swiss water filter for Sage, Breville and Solis coffee and espresso machines.

Name Breville ClaroSwiss Water Filter
Brand SAGE
Article code BES008
SKU E-0516
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Previous product numbers SES008WHT0NEU1 BES008 - E-0483 - E0483 - 700.81 - 70081 - 700-81 - SES008WHT0NEU1 - BES0080NXX1 - Claro swiss - BES008 - SES008
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