Descaling Tablets for Miele - 6 x 50 gram

ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for Miele - 6 x 50 gram

ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for Miele - 6 x 50 gram

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Descaling tablets for Miele coffee machines. 100% safe and reliable limescale removal. Lowest price guarantee.

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6 Eccellente Descaling Tablets for Miele, á 50 grams
Good for 3 to 6 descaling of your Miele coffee machine.

You should descale the Miele coffee machine / espresso machine regularly. Only then can the machine function optimally. To remind you of this, the device is equipped with a special control function.

If you can still prepare 50 cups until the next descaling, the message will appear in the display: "Number until descaling: 50". This message (counting down) will now appear after each preparation (coffee, espresso, milk foam, hot water). When the counter reaches 0, the Miele machine is locked and "Descaling - Start" appears in the display. You must now descale the appliance before you can prepare coffee again!

For descaling, use the Miele descaling tablets and the colored descaling funnel!

Adhere to the mixing ratio as indicated on the packaging of the Miele descaling tablets. The Miele appliance could otherwise be damaged. If splashes appear on the front during descaling, wipe them off immediately. The front is otherwise affected. After descaling, clean the water tank and the drip tray thoroughly. No descaling residues must be left behind!


The message 'Descale the appliance' appears in the display. Click on 'OK' and the maintenance program will start and follow the instructions in the display;
Take a measuring cup and fill it with lukewarm water and 2 descaling tablets for Miele. Wait until the descaling tablets have completely dissolved. You can speed up this process by stirring. Then pour it into the water tank and continue to top it up with water until it is completely full;
Place the water tank back in the coffee machine and follow the other instructions in the display;
If the message 'Rinse the water tank and fill it up to the descaling mark with fresh water' appears, proceed as follows:
Rinse the water tank thoroughly with clean water;
Fill the water tank up to the mark with clean drinking water.
After rinsing, the descaling program is ready. On to the next 500 delicious cups of coffee!
Miele CVA 2660 6431 6401 6405 6800 6805 3660 5060 5065 4085.
Miele CM 6110 6310 7300

The Miele descaling tablets have no degreasing / cleaning effect.
Purchase Eccellente Cleaning Tablets for this.

Product number: 5626050 / 10178330

Descaling Tablets for Miele - 6 x 50 gram
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| Nathan

Tablets were packed at manufacturer possibly with excess moisture so many of the crumbling tablets burned through the blister packs and were unusable. In a second package, the tablets were also crumbling but we're semi-usable, having not burned through the packaging. Utterly poor quality control and exactly what one fears from off-brand products pushed by retailers.

| Pam

Does the same job as Miele descaling tabs and are a lot cheaper

| Elizabeth

Excellent company . Descaling tablets arrived the next day .

4 stars based on 3 reviews
Descaling Tablets for Miele - 6 x 50 gram

Descaling Tablets for Miele - 6 x 50 gram

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